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REPURPOSE, REUSE, RECLAIM. Change up your style. Reinvent your space. Add that one-of-a-kind, whimsical, or collectible piece that makes you smile every day. With a background in consignment and resale, we know quality and we value sustainable design.  We use eco-friendly products to transform and re-imagine elements of style for your home.  

Who Are We?

Helen Bardi – Director of Chaos & Customer Service

She has numerous talents and has excelled in customer service for over 30 years. She worked at Dunn & Bradstreet in the Controllers Dept. Helen has also worked for Ensign Corporation where she handled imports and customs as well as negotiated contracts. She worked with young children at Wesley United Methodist Church as a teacher and she set up the childcare program for Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. She is a certified cosmetologist and has many clients who continue to adore her. Helen comes by repurpose and resale rightly as she had space at the Consignment Warehouse in Naperville.
Lisa Simari – Director of Creativity & Clarity

Lisa has a Certificate of Interior Design and she studied Interior Design at the Harrington Institute of Chicago. She works with numerous clients as a space organizer (office and closet decluttering!) without spending loads of money. She is the youngest of 7 kids and mother of four & lives in Naperville for over 20 years. Lisa is also an excellent furniture painter and true creative genious.  Also, she has super strength and can hang a painting perfectly straight just by eyeballing it.
Suzanne Lindsley – Director of the Colorado Contingent

She specializes in residential design and space planning. Suzanne has a design degree from the University of Minnesota. She specializes in lighting, space planning, and architectural layout. Suzanne has worked in residential and commercial applications with Synergy Consultants in New York City, Maggie Flowers Interior Designs in Duluth, Minnesota and Interior Systems Inc (ISI) in Fond du Lac, WI. Suzanne consults for RESTYLE when she is in town.
John Moosemiller – Cool & Collected

He is a great addition to our family at RESTYLE. He is tall, smart, and a great swimmer. He is particularly gifted in math and chemistry and received a 34 on his ACTs. After his senior year at NNHS, he attended the University of Houston to take advantage of his talents and has top honors in Chemical Engineering. Did you know he built us a raspberry pi (look it up!) to showcase our store items!! John continues to surprise us with all that he can do.
Ruth Thorne and Elyse Bowman – Customer Care 

These girls are the hardworking backbone of our store. They do all the things that we need to give our customers great service. They paint, they clean, they run the computer, they pick the music(!), they help move furniture, they organize, and they execute marketing campaigns. If we have a broken chair to fix or a cabinet to put together, they can do it. The best part is that they do it all with a big smile. Oh, and we love the third musketeer too! Go  Chelsea Smith.
Andrea Lindsley – Collection & Curation

She has a background in telecom and worked for high tech companies in Minneapolis, Seattle, and Denver. She designed computer networks and managed teams of salespeople, design engineers and customer service for large clients throughout the United States. Andrea also brokered partnerships in business development and international marketing for software companies. She started a few entrepreneurial ventures in retail sales, real estate, and stock trading. She has lived in many different types of houses in numerous states all the while developing her skills in and feeding her passion for furniture architecture and design.
Ginger Bratko - Director of Consultation & Custom Work

Ginger has over 20 years in paint color and consultation.  She is a DOER and excels in assisting our customers with the right paint for the right application given the lighting that is available in your home.  She is in charge of our custom work and  most likely you will find her in the workshop organizing our beautiful mess.      We love  her fabulous sense of humor and impeccable style!
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